Here we have examples of some of my work. On the left there are a few quilts for sale however the majority of my work is focussed on bespoke items … quilts, wall hangings, throws, pictures … in fact anything that it textile-based.

Have a look at this section for some inspiration and then pop over to the Commissions page for further information on how we can work together to design your heirloom for the future.

All you need to do is click on the image for further information.  Enjoy!


 Available Items   A selection of completed projects 

Anniversary sampler quilt

  Devon Delight quilt     

Calm After Storm 2

Calm After Storm 2
Single bed size

Ocean Wave Quilt

Vick quilt


   Minne’s Alphabet quilt Alphabet quilt - excerpt whale    Kath’s QuiltKath's quilt

Down by the sea



Wedding Dress Log Cabin


Alfie’s quilt



Holly’s Quilt 

Holly fleece 2

 Rainbow Batik

Rainbow Batik


Martha’s quilt

Martha quilt

  Batik Kaleidoscope klidascope Art work  

Bargello wall hanging


 Garden quilt

Art Quilt Summer Garden




Reverse applique

IMG_0835 (2) 


50 Shades of Monochrome50 shades monocrome


Autumnal Jacob’s Ladder

Autumnal Jacob's Ladder

 Hampton Fractal


  Ha’way the Lads Quilt 
Ha'way the Lads Quilt - Sunderland football quilt

Daniel’s Post Card Quilt 

Daniel's Quilt Post Card Quilt

  Karen’s Quilt

Portfolio quilt inspired by Lakedistrict


 Calm after the Storm


available items Calm after the Storm



 Genevieve’s quiltFleecey Fun           Dawn’s Quilt
Dawn's Quilt Baby Girl Quilt
   Olly’s Rainbow Quilt

Rainbow Baby Quilt

 DSC_0226 (2)  
Sarah Jayne’s Quilt

Sarah Jayne Quilt


   Log Cabin 2
Log Cabin
  Dear Jane Door Curtain
Dear Jane Quilt Wall and Door Hanging

Tree of Life wallhanging

Tree of Life wall hanging


Bygone Days

Retro quilt back



Quilter in Residence

West Earlham



Inspirations of William Morris

Art Quilt - William Morris

 Reverse applique

IMG_0835 (2)

  Proton Perfection wall hanging Art quilt Proton Perfection