If you have seem something in my portfolio that you like but want it bigger, smaller, different colour, different fabric, different pattern then this is your chance to get a quilt or piece of textile art that exactly meets your needs. With quilt and art commissions, if you have a completely new idea we can talk about them, I can work with you to form a concept, creating a design, select the fabrics before making up the item.


Whether it is for a new baby, a christening, redecorating, moving home, a wedding, a special birthday, a special anniversary … or just because you want it … we can work together to design what you want. So that fabric loveliness is waiting for you.                     


Working with you:


The initial design process … following an initial conversation with you I will produce a design layout with suggested fabric samples. The design layout part will cost a non-refundable £30, which will be taken off the final cost of the quilt. We will then have a chat about any changes to be made to the design.

And then you will be on your way to owning a piece of quilting loveliness. – your heirloom for the future.


When we have agreed on the design you will pay a 50% deposit of the total price. I will make up your quilt to an agreed deadline, keeping you regularly informed of progress


The cost of a quilt very much depends on the cost of the materials and the complexity of the design but as an indication:

 – Baby/child quilts generally cost between £75 and £180

Single bed quilts come in at about £180 to £250

Double bed quilts range from £300 to £550

King size quilts generally range from £450 to £800


Commissions take longer to make than off-the-peg items as consultation and sourcing fabric can take some time and I make all the items myself.

So allow at least two months (for a small quilt) and up to five months (for a larger bed quilt or wall hanging) between your first contact and when you want the quilt to be delivered.

  open studio 1

 So let’s get this show on the road. Contact me at maggie@aquiltintime.co.uk or 01603 871685.

I look forward to working with  you.



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